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Credits: Musique Magazine

“The global music scene has just welcomed a new name into the industry with his unique and fresh sound allowing him to cement his place in a fiercely competitive scene. While he hasn’t been in the music industry long, Eloghosa Ogbemudia is already setting new records. His song “Diamond” has become a household tune gaining over 1,000 plays in less than 24 hours since it was released. But what makes Eloghosa even more interesting is his incredible journey and authenticity in creating his music.”

Credts: HipHopSince1987

“Eloghosa Ogbemudia is an upcoming producer from the United Kingdom living in the US. He has greatly benefited from internet exposure and social media popularity. However, Eloghosa’s achievements did not come easily for him. He endured a great deal to become the person he is today.”

Credits: The Hype Magazine

“Born in London, United Kingdom, Eloghosa Ogbemudia re-found his passion in music. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it was fun for most kids at first since they could stay home and do nothing. However Eloghosa felt that something was off. Eloghosa felt bored and nulled. That’s when he found out about music production. Ever since he was a young kid he loved music. As time continued, Eloghosa started to create beats using FL Studio, his phenomenal talents allowed him to create non-mainstream beats.”

Credits: The Source

Eloghosa Ogbemudia has always been passionate about music. He loved listening to different genres, which eventually helped him discover his distinct sound. It was during the pandemic-related lockdown in 2020 when Eloghosa decided to make better use of his leisure indoors. Confined to his home and sitting idle was not something the artist in him was meant for. So he utilized the time to hone his craft and work on his music to create his distinct sound. “